Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Mother and Child by G.M. Huzo Paddlety

Mother and Child is a painting that depicts the unseen communication between the two. More than visual, it is a sense of rhythm, vibration, and smell…a bond that transcends time. Mr. Paddlety is a Kiowa artist with affiliation in the Sioux Tribe. He was born in Billings, Montana and later moved to Anadarko, Oklahoma where his studio is currently located. Huzo’s ideas are conceived from life experiences, contemporary and traditional. Huzo says “I enjoy using intense colors to give my work a neon/blacklight effect. A style too bold for some, perfect for others.”
Mother and Child, France, 1700s, Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Mother and Child, France, 1700s. This painting was done by Jean-Baptiste Greuze in 1765 and is commonly known as "The Spoiled Child". It is located at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

Le Nain Brothers, Visit To Grandmother

Le Nain Brothers, Visit To Grandmother

Ζωγραφίζοντας... καρδούλες!

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